+ How do I book for a photoshoot and choose the photographer?
For booking process, you just need to arrange the schedule with our team as well as choose the photographer, then do/fix the down payment (which can’t be refunded) at least 50% of the total payment. The rest of the payment can be finished after the photoshoot done (for family and prewedding session). Especially for wedding photoshoot, kindly settle the payment the latest 1 week before the day.

+ What kind of outfit that we need to wear for prewedding or family photoshoot?
Just wear the comfy one. Be your self as your own style. If possible, don’t wearing dress which has too long tail, otherwise we will feel uncomfortable especially in challenging spot such as rocky or muddy. Feel free to discuss your outfit based on the location itself.

+ Do you provide the costume?
Sorry, we only provide service for the photoshoot. We suggest you to rent the best outfit or just put on your own which fit on yourself since the outfit is a really personal thing that need to suit you.

+ Can you make changes such as change the background, colors of costume, or make me look slimmer by editing process?
We will never do the digital imaging as mentioned above. In other way we will capture your best look by taking the creative angels. Just in case for acne or imbalance color, we can do retouching to fix it.

+ Can we cancel or reschedule the photoshoot?
If you can’t do the photoshoot and want to cancel it, your down payment can’t be refunded. But if you want to move the schedule, kindly discuss it with our team.

+ How if there’s unpredictable weather on the day?
– We can do the reschedule in case there’s heavy rain at that time. But if only drizzle and windy which is not impact to the camera and our performance, we still can do the photoshoot. The fact, we need some cloudy and the wind since it can make the photo more dramatic. The best sunrise and sunset need the cloud to make the atmosphere more dramatic and real as well.

+ How if you suddenly you couldn’t make it on the day?
– We never hope it will happen, but our photographer got an accident or sick on the day, we will change with another professional photographer who belong to Samatha team.

+ Can we choose the photos that will be edited, and how long it will be finished?
– Sure, you may choose the photos or we can give recommendation which photos are the best for edited. We will share / send the final result no longer than 60 days since you decided the chosen photos.